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Hi skul Trace Tv Awards 19

 Hi SkulTraceTv Awards is ahigh school awards schemethat seeks to reward excellence in edutainment .

 Hi Skul TraceTv has created this platform which will help motivate high schoolstudents to bevery hardworkingin the education and entertainment sector. Hi Skul TraceTv strongly believesthat rewarding a hardworkingstudent will also encourage other average students towork morenotonly academically butalso in the entertainment aspect in otherto berewarded.

Thereare manytalented high schoolstudents out there who are looking up toget a platformin other toshow orexhibit they talent but don’t have access tosuch platforms. Its ourprayer thatas time goes on we don’t only get doctors, bank managers butalso get Tv presenters, Event Analyst , musicians , Tv & FilmProducers , sound engineers and many morethrough this awards. Thisevent will also bring high schoolstudents together to fosterpeace and unity tomakehigh schoolagood placeto be.

 We therefore call on sponsors ,media partners , supporters and the general public tohelp makethis event successful tobedone every year.

Past Events : Teens Achievers awards and High SchoolFitness Walk

Formoreinformation or sponsorship contact 0561388315.

 Email : [email protected] Followus our social media platforms Facebook: Hi SkulTrace Tv Awards / Hi SkulTraceTv Instagram: hsttv_awards / hi_skul_tracetv Twitter : hiskultracetv Hashtag : #hsta19 #hiskultracetvawards19

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