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Best Three Ways To Get A Credit Card In Ghana 2019

Credit Cards are either virtual or physical.

They are cards used for paying and receiving payments online or in real life.

There are many companies online that provide these opportunities.

Today I will enlight on about three simple ways to get credit cards at an affordable rate.

You can purchase it either in Cedis or Dollars.


Cofred is made up of two people named comfort and frederick.
It's an online portal that provides services such as bitcoin transactions, mobile banking,currency converting and a whole lot.
Cofred provides a virtual credit card at a low price ranging from 50 ghc.

You can simply get this service by logging on to their website. It's free to sign up using your mobile money account.

After signing up, you are eligible to deposit an amount ranging from 5 ghc.

Now, let's continue to the main issue. Visit your dashboard and check the request card button. Over there you are eligible to purchase your card details and you are able to use it any where until it expires.

You can also renew this after expiry.


Many people don't know th secret behind ATM cards. Some just think is for money withdrawals only.
No, apart from that it serves as a physical credit card.

Yes, you can deposit money on your ATM Card and use it for online transactions.
Get a bank account now and request for ATM now and it serves as your credit card today.


Adv Cash is an online portal for the purchase of credit cards anytime and its convenient. Just visit their website to purchase yours now.


Payoneeer is an online bank service that provides its customers a Mastercard account for online business.

They also engage in affiliate programs. All you need is to register with your local bank account in Ghana and request for the card after you deposit an amount of 300ghc into your account.

The Mastercard will be shipped free of cost to your destination within two weeks.

Yes hope this article is useful please dont benefit alone share to your friends and family to also get this simple access.

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