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Simple Ways To Whiten Your Teeth 2019

Have you ever thought of whitening your teeth without seeing the dentist in simple ways?.

Back then in our childhood times we used to brush our teeth anyhow and busily go in for food because the food is a necessity.

Around the ages of 5 to 10 years you wonder how your teeth became brown.

Yes, you might have been eating sweets like toffees, cakes,biscuits and so on. These items leaves some grease behind your teeth and

since at those ages we don't have the enough time for our teeth.

If you have ever stayed in a village before, maybe this would never happen to you as you grow up.

Because you always take in herbs and chew herbs as teeth whitening materials.

Today, I'm gonna teach you some two herbs that easily whiten your teeth easily.

It maybe a surprise, it's simply charcoal 🌝🌝.

I used to brush my teeth with charcoal and plantain stem back then in my village.

I thought it was a hard living and the cause of poverty but after sometime in education I got to realise it's the best medicine for the teeth as well.

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