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Top 5 Domain Hosting Websites 2019

Domain Name Servers are uncountable nowadays in the system of hosting.

But the question is, how is this safe,SSL 24/7 and no shutdowns.

Here are sample of some 5 websites that gives you the best in terms of domain hosting.


Blue host is a website that gives you free domain for one year,free SSL Certificate and at least 45$/month.


Hostgator also does same as blue host but you decide to choose the one you want according to their budget.


Hostinger is another interesting company to work with. Get in touch for your domain name extension.


Siteground also is an affordable website when domain comes in your mind.


 GODADDY being 5 doesn't mean they are not the best.

They have very cheap domain names.
Every August they serve from 1$ upwards as promo.

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