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Bill Gates Reclaims World's Richest From Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos must be licking his wounds today because he's now only the second richest person on planet Earth.

Yep ... the Microsoft stock climb has allowed Bill Gates to reclaim the top spot. At the close of business Friday, Bezos' net worth was $108.7 billion ... close but no cigar next to Gates, who came in at $110 bil.

Microsoft's been on a roll this year. The stock value has increased by 48%, and that was enough to get bragging rights ... at least today. Amazon's stock took a tumble Friday ... enough for Bezos to lose top position.

If Bezos were still married, there'd be no contest ... he'd leave Gates in the dust. But, dividing the spoils of marriage put Bezos in a neck-in-neck race with Gates.


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