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How To Increase Your Phone's Speed 2019

Using a slow phone is really not a fun thing to do. Today we are going to share with you seven tips to increase your phone speed significantly. We are very sure most of you guys did not even know this possible. Most new apps are created by programmers, these apps have hidden features that are designed to take some processing power from your phone. This, in turn, makes your phone run slower. So stick around if wish to find out how exactly to boost your phone speed.

Clean Your Junk regularly
The first tip we will give to you guys is to clean our junk items regularly. This can be in the form of files, folders or even unused applications. Remember the more files you have on your phone the slower your phone becomes. Having these useless items on your phone only eats up precious space on your phone’s storage. So be sure to clean up those junk files of yours.

User a faster SD Card
If your phone supports an SD card then using a fast SD card can make a huge difference to your phone speed. Certain SD cards just slow down your computer. You will notice sometimes copying files from a friend’s phone can be faster when he or she has a faster SD card. So spend that extra bucks on getting that fast SD card. Normally cheap SD cards are the ones which slow down your phone the most so stay away from them.

Delete Apps folders after uninstalling them
Most individuals do not delete folders this after uninstalling an application. We bet you also do not do so. Well, that is a bad habit. Uninstalling an application only unmounts it from your SD card and deletes the package file. But does not delete the app data. You can check how much space and application is occupying on your phone by navigating to apps in your settings menu. Tap on the application you would like to check. You should see a storage icon beside it. Click on it and you should see how much space that application is talking up. To delete an application folder just navigate to your file manager and you should find the folder name there.

Stay away from Adwares
Adwares are programs created specifically to serve ads to users. These Adwares are usually coded in JavaScript. You might not know this but JavaScript programs take a lot of CPU power to execute. Adwares are usually acquired when individuals attempt to download programs from untrusted sources. Certain Ad networks especially Pop Ads allows Adwares to be marketed and installed on victim’s phones simultaneously. To avoid this check your apps list regularly to find any app you did not install deliberately.

Use an Adblock
It is very essential to use Adblock when visiting most websites. The most popular Ad network is Google AdSense. Unfortunately getting your domain name approved with AdSense is not an easy thing to do. Bloggers have to turn to other Ad Networks to earn revenue from their websites. These Ad Networks serve all kinds of ads which slow down your phone significantly. The only way to avoid these ads is to use an Adblock. Browsers like UC browser and Opera Mini have built-in Adblocks.

Use faster Web browsers
A faster web browser can add a whole new experience to your browsing. Faster web browsers load web pages faster so it is much easier to escape ads from bad websites. Fast web browsers usually do not take much processing power form your CPU expect Google Chrome. Be sure to check out these web browsers for a fast browsing experience: UC Browser, Google Chrome and Opera Mini. Also, do clear your browser cache regularly to free up your phone space also. Leaving cache uncleaned only wastes up your phone storage capacity.

Use disk cleaning utilities
The last tip we will give to you is to adopt the habit of using a good disk cleaning utility. A disk cleaning utility is a program that scans and analyzes your phone’s storage to find junk items, deleted folders, and uncleaned caches. There are various disk cleaners out there. Our favorite is 360 cleaner. If 360 cleaner does not work out for you, you can google other free disk cleaning utilities for android.

Final Words

We hope you loved this article or at least learned something new. Please visit our website regularly to get informed of the various android tips and tricks. Leave a comment below and let us get in touch. Have a nice day friend!

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