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Some Fascinating Area's I Discovered At Newmont GoldCorp Akyem (New Abirem Site)

You might have heard of a legal and big mining company in the Eastern Region located in the Birim North District which New Abirem is the capital.

The name of this serene and beautiful mining company is Newmont Gold Corporation formerly known as Gold mines which was introduced into the District about 12 year's ago according my investigation.

Newmont Gold Corporation is actually an U.S company who has only two mining sites in Ghana.
Ahafo(Sunyani) and Akyem(New Abirem) are these two mining sites hosted by this company right here in Ghana.

In my previous post, i recommended about 5 hotels located in New Abirem when I visited Birim North District for a project.

Now lemme introduce you to some fascinating area's I discovered when I was granted the privilege to explore the mining area.

Actually it's a nice place to be so incase you are a lecturer or a student studying mining in an institution, you can contact the administration for a simple tour to Newmont probably the Akyem site.
The images below and above are some pictures from the Akyem site and describes how nice the place is.

I'm going to tell you some benefits the nearby communities get from the company.


Education sometimes is key to success as people do say but I don't actually buy that idea.
Newmont for the past year's have been able to build classrooms for various schools around birim north especially the nearby communities around New Abirem.
They also provide scholarships for brilliant but needy students around those vicinity. The scholarship works from the senior high school to the university.

This company is actually doing great job aside the education filed but i will highlight just a few.
For some year's now, they have been able to construct the road from New Abirem to Adausena. Aside this they offer some farm materials especially to the cocoa farmer's and the rest.

I would like to further more but lemme end here. Follow me on any social media platform and i will notify you about my next location and you can also join me if you wish.

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