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How To Purchase Filmora 9 Online For Free

Filmora is a free software for making video editing offline at the comfort of your home with no watermark.

How do remove the watermark?. Yes you might it's gonna be a big deal purchasing the premium version online or getting paid one for free.

Worry no more, just found the trick for this amazing video editor offline for free.
No credit card required

Follow these simple steps to get these app online.
1. Search for filmora(9) that's the latest version on google and donloading it free.

2. After downloading the software, launch it and try your first video edit and save it.

3. Open your file explorer and watch your edited video(Contains Watermark).

4. Quit the application and search for filmora 9 product key free online.

5. Copy the given email and key and paste in your wordpad.

6. Make sure to turn off your internet connectivity and launch the software again.

7. Check the control box/bar at the top-left corner of the software and click on the account tab and enter the given email and key.

8. Congratulations! the premium version is now activated.

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