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I'm Not Ready To Reply Dopenation - Kwesi Arthur

BET Award Nominee, Kwesi Arthur was  discussed on social media due to a recent song released to jab him by the duo singers dopenation made of B2 and Twist.

The Chairman diss song was leaked by someone from our studios according to DopeNation in a recent video.

Grin day Hit maker Kwesi Arthur in a recent up close with ZionFelix has said that he is always humble and not ready to reply them because he thinks is very childish.

Speaking on the interview:

“I have always been humble in the music industry and I will continue to remain humble, The fact that i am humble doesn’t mean I am weak. No I am focused. Donation claim i directed their team. They haven’t told me what exactly I did wrong.
“I will not even bother replying this diss track. I am sure they just want to use me for hype”

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