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How To Activate Vodafone 1GB Data For Free 2020

Hello folks, today I'm having a good news for all Vodafone users right now.

Enjoy your new year with the following steps to get 1GB Free data from vodafone

1. Go to Google Play Store if you are an android user or App Store if you are an iOS user.

2. Search for the term “My Vodafone App Ghana”

3. You would see the “My Vodafone App” in the results that will appear. Tap on it and install

4. After a successful installation, launch the app

5. After it opens, the first thing you’ll see is the terms and conditions agreements. Tap on OK to accept.

6. Next is the “Personalized Data Collection agreement”, tap on “OK” to continue

7. Register using your phone number and a password of your choice

8. After successful registration, log in with the details you provided.

9. After that, tap on “Shake on Vodafone X”. Now shake your device until the black circle is filled with red.

10. A new page will appear asking you to claim 1 gigabit free of data. Just tap on it and hurray your data will be sent to the number you registered with, in few minutes.

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